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BEHIND THE SCENES | 01 - Commercial shoot

A while back I was tasked with producing a short commercial video for an entrepreneur who was going to release his own brand of watches. Today I will take you behind the scenes of that shoot, and show you the final result.


it me3.jpg

For this shoot I had completely free reign, which is always a blessing and a curse. I do definitely prefer being able to do what my heart desires, and to work alone with the talent only, however this puts extra pressure on me to understand the brand and what they are looking for.

Me, my sister Alexandra and Felix Civalero ducked away from the rain for an hour or so before it finally cleared up. We headed to the intended location, Tändstickspalatset, a location I've used before. Unfortunately it was closed to the public, and the shoot had to happen that day, so we were pressed to find a new location. We quickly found a new location close to the water and started to prepare.


Video shot on A7R III + SEL35F14Z + DJI Ronin M. ND filter by B+W

Video shot on A7R III + SEL35F14Z + DJI Ronin M. ND filter by B+W

it me3-11.jpg

The biggest challenge with a shoot like this, especially one where so much changed that was out of our control, is figuring things out on the spot. I rarely come very prepared. I have never prepared a synopsis or a vision board, it's just my preferred way of working. We had a rough idea of what we we're going to do - waltz. 

it me3-21.jpg
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The shoot took less than an hour in total, and consisted of us brainstorming different shots, dance moves and angles. The final result have received good feedback to all whom I've shown it to, and the client was happy. Personally, I know I can do better. This collaboration between me and the client happened during a period where I felt like I had lost all creative aspirations and had no motivation to create anything. I'm glad I accepted the challenge and pushed through, but I definitely know I can do better. But isn't that what life is all about? Always doing better


Thanks to Sophie for the behind the scenes photos